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As the exclusive provider of comprehensive aviation services in Bahrain, our vision is to continually expand our service offering in response to regional demand, improve our customer service and establish the Kingdom of Bahrain as a regional leader in aviation services while delivering solid and sustained returns for our shareholders.

Established in 2004 under Bahrain Certificate of Registration number 54316, MENA Aerospace Enterprises WLL is the primary holding company and corporate head of the group's subsidiaries and business units. It provides centralized administration, finance, legal, human resource management and other head office services to the entire group of companies. MENA Consulting, MENA Aviation Real Estate and MENA Trading & Agencies all operate from under the MENA structure as business units.

The MENA group is comprised of the following subsidiaries and business units:


IJM MENA The company is a joint venture between MENA Aerospace subsidiary MAE Aircraft Management and Austria-based International Jet Management (IJM). IJM MENA is based at the hangar complex of MENA Aerospace at Bahrain International Airport, and holds an Aircraft Operating Certificate issued by the Kingdom of Bahrain's Civil Aviation Affairs. International Jet Management was founded in 2003 and has over 100 employees at its headquarters in Vienna and offices in central Europe and the Far East with currently 30 aircraft under their management.

MENA Technics

A newly formed division of MENA Aerospace, offering Ground Services & Line Maintenance solution for small, midsize and large private aviation category aircraft in the region , plus commercial aircrafts.

MENA Aviation Real Estate

This business unit is developing a 6,400 sqm hangar and General Aviation Complex at Bahrain International Airport. It also operates and manages an outsourced business and operational support centre for regional and international airlines operating through Bahrain International Airport.

MENA Trading and Agencies

This business unit provides representation, project oversight and enterprises account management services on behalf of leading international aviation, aerospace and security manufacturers and service providers.

MENA Consulting Services

This business unit is active in the aviation and aerospace consulting sector. Our team of advisors has a proven track record in various high level, international aviation and aerospace projects.

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